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Standardized Cleaning & Restoration Contract Forms

Accelerate your collections and maximize your protection from lawsuits. Edward H. Cross is the nationally-recognized authority on cleaning and restoration contracts, and the legal issues that affect these industries.  Known as the “Restoration Lawyer,” Ed has written hundreds of contracts for the cleaning and restoration industries over the past 15 years.  He has also represented restoration contractors in thousands of court cases, most of which involved contract disputes.  He now offers standardized forms that have been refined for maximum enforceability based on his extensive experience.  Now you can own what has taken many years to develop and enhance. Read about the Key Features

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Insurance companies are slashing restoration invoices more than ever before, and mold lawsuits are filed every day.  To prosper, you must have cutting edge documentation. We offer packages that consist of much more than just forms; they are entire contract management systems, complete with guidance material, instructions for use, scripts for sales presentations and many handy tips.  You will be well-prepared to address a variety of real-world situations as they arise.  There is no comparable product available anywhere, at any price.  Why do I need this? 

Deluxe Package

Best Value! The Deluxe Package includes all of the documents below (35 documents in all), a $3,600 value, all for only $895!

  • Work Authorization/Service Agreement (buy separately)
  • Terms and Conditions (buy separately)
  • Notice and Waiver of the Right to Cancel (CA) (buy separately)
  • Notice of Mechanic's Lien Laws (CA) (buy separately)
  • Notice of Contractor's State License Board Information (CA) (buy separately)
  • Mortgage Information Release
  • Mold Release
  • Tender of Assignment to Insurance Company: Letter placing insurance company on formal notice of the customer's assignment of insurance proceeds (buy separately)
  • Refusal Confirmation Letter (buy separately)
  • Customer's Certificate of Completion and Satisfaction (buy separately)
  • Contents Disposal Authorization (buy separately)
  • Change Order: For changes to price, scope, time of completion (buy separately)
  • Scripts for a smooth presentation of each form to the customer
  • Detailed Instruction Guide for the use and execution of each form
  • FREE Annual Update of all forms
  • The "Dos and Don'ts of Contracts" Webinar by Ed Cross
  • Helpful Handouts
  • Private 15-minute video or telephone conference with Ed Cross
  • ...and all the free forms

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